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    Default Lynbrook 9/26/07

    in case anyone was wondering why lynbrook had a command post in operation this evening heres why

    at approx 1700 hours we recieved a general alram for a manhole cover explosion in front of 17 broadway cross of merrick rd. after the chiefs arrived 422 was first due follwed closely by 421 and 423. it was determind that a manhole cover had exploded underneath a bus that was driving by at the time and that some sort of fluid was then leaking from the bus... a trail of something (transmission fluid?) was all the way down broadway and down sunrise hwy. 426 set up a command post while 429 was in charge. i believe 27 e and/or 27g was called and was at scene. hazmat was also called. some speedy dry was used but wasnt enough so a road sander was called in. At approx. 1740 all lynbrook units were released except 422,421,426,425?,427
    who were later realsed at approx. 1805

    figured id let people know what they might have heard.
    EngineDude might know more than i know.

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    all hands used for a manhole ..... sounds about right
    .. Do Work ..

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    my guess is the manhole exploded, popped the cover so it wasnt sitting flush. then the mta bus proceeded to drive over it since nothing stops them and the driver stopped after hearing a loud bang, looked underneath and kept driving. the fluid might have been hydrualic since those buses do use it. the bus only got about 4,5 blocks away before being inoperable. had to be a decent blast of the transformer b/c the cover was about three feet wide, at least 2 inches thick, a heavy one for sure.

    overall, it was a glorified transformer explosion which then caused a spill.

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    ok tough guy just cause you work in the city now doesn't mean you have to get all cynical on us, you were an excited probie once too, I remember. Come on now crush we don't get a whole lot of excitement around the village so we take what we can get you know that.
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