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    Default Nassau County REACT

    Has anyone ever had to work with Nassau County REACT acting as an EMS provider? Are the an accredited agency and allowed to operate as a pt. care provider?

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    Default Re: Nassau County REACT

    Unless something's changed, REACT is a radio club w/ no EMS authority

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    Default Re: Nassau County REACT

    Don't think they have anything to do with EMS. They usually just patrol they highways and assist when needed.

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    Default Re: Nassau County REACT

    I saw the subject and was wondering how REACT got to be an EMS subject.
    REACT is a group of people, that monitor Citizens Band radio emergency channel 9. In many areas they are a good place to go, if you own a C. B. radio and your in a car and need assistance, that is, before the invention of the cell phone. There already is a thread posted about REACT. In Nassau, they used to be located in the 3601 Hempstead Turnpike building in Levittown. If EMSTeach doen't know of any change, I have to agree with him they monitor the radio and will call for you to get assistance. They also used to patrol and use amber lights. I can't say for sure that none of them are medically trained. But that was never the way they did things back in the day when C.B.'s were extremely popular.
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    Default Re: Nassau County REACT

    They don't only monitor CB now. They have their own UHF frequency that they operate on, and usually have a truck driving up the highways waiting for an accident, etc.

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