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    Default NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

    On-duty NYPD police officer commits suicide after arguing with his girlfriend on the phone: sources - NY Daily News

    An on-duty New York City police officer committed suicide Thursday night by shooting himself in the face on a Queens street after arguing with his girlfriend on the phone, police sources said.

    Neighbors saw the unnamed officer lying in the street after hearing a single shot in front of 85-22 211th St. in Hollis Hills around 10:40 p.m.

    The officer 28, was taken to Long Island Jewish Medical Center where he died, according to police.

    The cop was responding with his partner to a call about a series of car break-ins at the scene when the officer ended his life, a source said.

    “He got out of his [patrol] car and he’s on the phone with somebody,” a police source said. “He puts the gun in his mouth and fires.”

    “He was lying [on the street] bleeding,” neighbor Gerry Namti, 44, said of the uniformed cop.

    “He was on his stomach,” said another neighbor who declined to be named. “They put him in the back of a [police] car because there wasn’t an ambulance.”

    “They sped off and there was another [police car] following it,” she said.”

    Namti said the cop’s partner was frantically calling for help over his police radio.

    “I heard one shot - it was really loud,” the woman resident said. “Within the next few minutes, all I saw was flashing lights and police cars came speeding through.”

    The block was cordoned off while dozens of investigators scoured the scene, neighbors said.

    “It’s such a beautiful block,” one resident said. “It’s probably the prettiest block in Hollis Hills. This is the first time in 20 years I’ve ever seen something like this happen. It’s awful.”

    Police said they are still investigating the incident.

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    Default Re: NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

    Emotional Trauma / Traumatic Stress will kill more Cops / Firemen ? Military than hostile fire. On average 18 Servicemen and Women commit suicide each day due to their exposure. Rest In Peace Bro.

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    Default Re: NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

    Condolences to the officer's family and to our brothers in the NYPD. Their turnout in the ED last night shows what support and brotherhood is all about.

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    Default Re: NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

    I don't even know what to say. This is so sad. May he rest in peace!

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    Default Re: NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

    My condolences to his family and the members of the 111 Precinct. This was such a senseless tragedy. In my 14 years on the job I have seen this happen way to often. Everytime I hear about this happening it just rips my heart apart. But no matter what line of work your in and how you are feeling, always remember tomorrow is another day and there is always help out there. Taking the easy way out maybe easy on you but its far from easy for those you leave behind. If things are going that bad please stop for a minute and just call a friend or for help. There is always help out there for everyone. Stay safe and always look out for each other.

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    Default Re: NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

    For all the MOS out there, turn to your phone, not your gun. POPPA, 888-COPS-COP. Your peers-fellow cops-will be available every hour of every day to help you tackle personal and professional problems. The POPPA Organization's peer support services are strictly confidential and free of charge. The POPPA Organization saves officers' family relationships, careers, and lives.

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    Default Re: NYPD Officer Commits Suicide

    This is horrible, it may feel like there is no way out but there always is. Turn to a brother or family or a professional.

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